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Foreign Students Gain Automatic Work Rights In Australia starstarstarstarstar   25th April 2008 - Views: 971 "It will reduce red-tape for students wanting to work in Australia and allow more efficient use of department resources. "Making it easier for international students to work while they study will also assist industries currently suffering serious labour shortages." Senator Evans said the department has granted 228 592 student visas to people from 191 countries in the year to June 2007.

Research Finds Immigration Makes Australia Stronger starstarstarstarstar   22nd April 2008 - Views: 961 Research by the Monash Institute for the Study of Global Movements shows high levels of support for the immigration program, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said today.

Miraculous Survival Leads To Life Clinic starstarstarstarstar   16th April 2008 - Views: 1024 A refugee from a revolution in Iran and a survivor of several heart attacks, Mehdi says it is a miracle he is even alive.

Migration's Contribution To Regional Prosperity starstarstarstarstar   8th April 2008 - Views: 949 he Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services, Laurie Ferguson, has praised the contribution migration is making to life in regional Australia.

Diverse Australia 2020 Crowd Bodes Well For Multicultural Future starstarstarstarstar   3rd April 2008 - Views: 939 Laurie Ferguson MP Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services

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