Foreign Students Gain Automatic Work Rights In Australia

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25th April 2008, 12:02pm - Views: 1006
Foreign Students Gain Automatic Work Rights in Australia

International students will be eligible to work part-time in Australia automatically under new streamlined visa arrangements introduced this week, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said today.

Senator Evans said international students can work for up to 20 hours a week while their course is in session but previously had to apply separately for permission to work.

"Under the new processing arrangements which come into effect from 26 April, all student visas will be granted with work rights attached, removing the need to people to make a separate application," Senator Evans said.

"It means that international students can apply for part-time jobs in Australia as soon as their courses start

"It will reduce red-tape for students wanting to work in Australia and allow more efficient use of department resources.

"Making it easier for international students to work while they study will also assist industries currently suffering serious labour shortages."

Senator Evans said the department has granted 228 592 student visas to people from 191 countries in the year to June 2007.

The new arrangements will cut overall student visa fees, with applicants now to be charged $450 for the one visa with work permission, a saving of $40 on the previous arrangements.

Senator Evans said streamlined processes for people applying for student visas from India, Indonesia and Thailand have also been introduced.

"Successful applicants will no longer need to have an Australian visa label in their passports as evidence of their visa grant," Senator Evans said.

"Instead, their visa information will be stored electronically for access through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service.

"The advantage of the online service is that it allows employers, government agencies, education providers and the visa holders themselves to check visa conditions such as the expiry date, work and study restrictions.

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SOURCE: Minister for Immigration and Citizenship

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