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John Faulkner To Launch 'learning To Be A Minister' Today, 27 Oct, Canberra starstarstarstarstar   27th October 2010 - Views: 1674 In 1981, academic Patrick Weller teamed up with renowned political commentator and journalist Michelle Grattan to publish Can Ministers Cope?, a study of the challenges facing Australia's federal government ministers.

Augmented Electoral Commission Proposes Revised Boundaries For Federal Electoral Divisions In Victor starstarstarstarstar   21st October 2010 - Views: 1585 After public hearings in Shepparton and Melbourne and the consideration ofwritten objections and comments, the presiding member of the augmented Electoral Commission for Victoria, the Hon. Peter Heerey QC, today announcedthe outcome of its deliberations on the boundaries and names of the 37 federal electoral divisions in Victoria.

Christopher Pyne Australian Agenda starstarstarstarstar   17th October 2010 - Views: 1782 Mr. Pyne, let me ask you. Put us out of our misery. Is this an orchestrated campaign? Or is it just serious annoyance on the part of three senior members of the Coalition acting independently?

Final 2010 Federal Election Payment To Political Parties And Candidates starstarstarstarstar   13th October 2010 - Views: 1439 Payment is made in two stages, with the first stage based on the number of votes counted as at the 20th day after election day. This first stage payment was announced in an AEC media release of 20 September. The second payment is the remainder due once vote counting is finalised.

Mr Barry O'farrell Mp To Speak In The Hunter starstarstarstarstar   13th October 2010 - Views: 1538 Mr Barry O'farrell Mp To Speak In The Hunter The Hunter Region makes a huge contribution to both the state and national economies and we have untapped capacity to do even more.

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