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Separated Parents Need To Lodge Tax Returns Promptly starstarstarstarstar   7th September 2009 - Views: 972 Separated parents could find themselves in danger of not paying the right amount of support for their kids if they don't submit their tax returns on time.

Tax Deductions At Risk starstarstarstarstar   15th April 2009 - Views: 1042 Tax Deductions At Risk H&R Block, the largest lodger of tax returns in Australia, is very concerned that taxpayers may lose up to $13 billion in tax deductions as part of the tax & transfer review currently being undertaken by Treasury.

Tax Institute Says Complexities And Welfare Churn Must Be Addressed starstarstarstarstar   10th December 2008 - Views: 985 Tax Institute Says Complexities And Welfare Churn Must Be Addressed These concerns range from addressing issues of international competitiveness in terms of corporate tax rates and the taxation of capital, whilst at the same time ensuring that the tax-transfer system provides the appropriate level of support for those in need.

Media Alert: Gmk Centric Tax Notes October 2008 starstarstarstarstar   16th October 2008 - Views: 1002 he Government's bills proposing to increase the luxury car tax rate to 33 per cent from 25 per cent have been passed by Senate, but with amendments which exempt low-emission vehicles valued at less than $75,000 from the tax.

- Developers Face Gst Questions - starstarstarstarstar   7th October 2008 - Views: 1026 Property developers who lease completed properties rather than sell them in a soft property market will be required to repay goods and services tax (GST) previously claimed as a tax credit, according to GMK Centric Taxation Director, Eugene Berkovic.

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