Tony Abbott Should Say "sorry" To One Nation If He Wants To Be Prime Minister

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22nd December 2009, 10:03pm - Views: 563

Tony Abbott should  say "Sorry" to One Nation of he wants ever to

become Prime Minister.

One Nation people have not forgotten his part in the political "trust"

fund "Australians for Honest Politics" (a misnomer if ever there was

one) set up to prevent One Nation getting funding from the 1998

Queensland State Election after  it had won 24 per cent of the vote

and 11 seats.

The allegation promoted by Australians for Honest Politics, and

others,  that One Nation was fraudulently registered, culminated in

the jailing of two of its founders under the regime of the  Queensland

Labor Party, that had significantly had lost several seats to One

Nation in the

election. These  convictions were later overturned by a higher court

proving it was Australians for Honest Politics and the Queensland

Labor Government's legal system  that had question marks over them,

not the registration of One Nation.

The irony is that on past form Tony Abbott will move  Opposition

policy closer to One Nation's.

Hansard of February 28, 2006 reports he said in answer to  a question

about ethnic branch stacking against Simon Crean in the Victorian  ALP

"... he still has the Greek branches but he has lost the Spanish

branches, the Vietnamese branches as well as the Cambodian branches. I

could not help but think, 'Are there any Australians left in the

so-called Australian Labor Party?' "

He might just as well have paraphrased Pauline Hanson and  said  "I

believe the Labor Party is in danger of being swamped by Asians."

One Nation people, who are the real Australians for Honest Politics,

say they  want an astute  Prime Minister who can admit he is wrong not

someone inclined to  take rash action based on an incomplete

assessment of the facts.

Statement issued December 22nd, 2009 on behalf of One Nation (NSW

Division) by Bob Vinnicombe Publicity Officer

For more information contact Bob Vinnicombe 0407949963 / (02) 96454910

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