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3rd February 2010, 10:45am - Views: 485

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Press Release – 3 February 2010 – Immediate Release



According to the Australian Leadership Development Centre, it is the notion of authentic

leadership that has seen the federal coalition come back from the brink of obscurity in the polls

and there are lessons here for managers and executives in all organisations.

The latest Newspoll shows that under Tony Abbott’s leadership, the coalition is starting to claw its

way back into the hearts of voters. What then can we learn from Abbott’s style? Abbott has not

been afraid to speak his mind, even when he knows his views are not shared by a lot of voters.

Research shows that   people are yearning for authenticity in their leaders – leaders who know what

they stand for and say what they really think. This is a stark contrast to the typical sanitized spin

peddled out by politicians and company management.

If you hold a leadership position of any kind, you would do well to work at being a more authentic

leader.   Authentic leadership is a hot topic amongst some of the world’s leading scholars of

leadership and as Abbott has illustrated, it has a real impact on your performance. Our review of

these scholars work suggests that truly authentic leaders are:

Genuine in their interactions with others

Relentless in their desire to discern the truth of everything around them

Acutely aware of their own goals, values and tendencies

Incredibly disciplined in their pursuit of that which is important to them

Compassionate showing care for people and causes beyond their own self interest

For more information about authentic leadership see Authentic Leadership Explained at

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The Australian Leadership Development Centre is an educational organisation devoted to

strengthening leadership through connecting people to practical, yet evidence-based knowledge. 


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