One Nation Is Encouraged By Some Aspects Of Tony Abbott's Australia Day Speech

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25th January 2010, 05:02pm - Views: 413

One Nation is encouraged by some  views expressed by Tony Abbott  in his Australia Day speech.

When he said  "the inescapable minimum that we insist upon is obedience to the law" and  

"It would help to bolster public support for immigration and acceptance of social diversity if more minority leaders

were as ready to show to mainstream Australian values the respect they demand for their own"  most Australians,

and the party that represents them, One Nation,  will say  "spot on".

When he said   "existing and planned infrastructure can hardly cope with the present population let alone the

additional 14 million (almost entirely due to immigration) that the Prime Minister expects by 2050"   and    "the rise of

ethnic gangs and perceptions of ethnic street crime threaten the community understanding that migration should be

overwhelmingly a net benefit" they'll say  "spot on" again.

What jarred though was ''John Howard's declaration about Australians controlling who comes to this country

resonated because it struck most people as self-evidently and robustly true …" as  when Pauline Hanson said  "if I

can invite whom I want into my home, then I should have the right to have a say in who comes into my country"   he

did his best to have One Nation scuttled.

It also jars that he should compare the former member of the extremist Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Sheik Hilaly, 

who former Labor  Immigration Minister, Chris Hurford,   tried to deport, to  the much-respected  Archbishop Mannix.

Just the day before  3000 Egyptian Copts had demonstrated  peacefully in Sydney  (completely ignored by the

mainstream media) against the murder. kidnap, rape and forced marriage inflicted on  the Christian minority  in Egypt

by islamic extremists.  Coincidentally Fairfield Council in Sydney has just allowed  the establishment on public land of

a memorial to the genocide of Assyrian Christians by islamic extremists in Turkey.  Unfortunately for the

multiculturalists it's a fact  many people have fled to our peaceful shores because they know from bitter experience

that multiculturalism doesn't work.

If  this signals  a possible about turn on policy by the Liberal Party, following their about turn on the ETS,  One

Nation welcomes it and hopes it is followed by an about turn on other policies like  free trade  on which the Liberals

are at present  equally misguided.

Statement issued January 25th, 2010 on behalf of One Nation (NSW Division) by Bob Vinnicombe Publicity Officer

For more information contact Bob Vinnicombe 0407949963 / (02) 96454910

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