Cops Stripped Of Oh&s Protections

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Cops stripped of OH&S protections

Frontline police could be stripped of critical safety protections under

Federal Government plans to bring in national Occupational Health and

Safety laws, the Police Association of NSW said today. 

Police officers from around Australian will meet in Canberra today to

launch a national campaign against the changes, which could lead to

material reductions in police safety.

Police Association of NSW Vice President Scott Weber said under the new

laws there may be no obligation for the government to provide officers

involved in highly dangerous cases with the best possible protection. 

“What we’ve got in the latest draft of the Act is a proposal that could

effectively strip police of their right to protection and waters down the

government's obligations to provide our police with a safe workplace, in

the very situations that are most dangerous” Mr Weber said. 

“These are the people charged with protecting our communities – we can’t

have them going out onto the streets, putting their lives on the line, with

inadequate protection for themselves and their families. 

“The harmonisation of laws is fine, but the dilution of protection certainly


“Police go into the job knowing full well they’re putting their lives at risk,

but that shouldn’t mean they have to forfeit the full rights every other

worker in Australia has. 

“Every other employer has an obligation to do everything possible to at all

times ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees – why

should our police officers’ employer, the government, be any different? “

Media contact: 

Scott Weber, 0401 709 342

Alana Mew, 0423 377 567 

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