Victoria Prepares For First Code Red Forecast

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9th January 2010, 08:43pm - Views: 861

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Joint Media statement

From the State Control Centre

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Emergency services are closely monitoring weather conditions across the state as Bureau of

Meteorology forecasting indicates conditions could reach Code Red in the Wimmera on Monday.

State Controller Russell Rees said the bureau’s current forecast for Monday is for extreme and severe

conditions across much of the state.

“Given there is a strong possibility that extreme conditions could reach Code Red in the Wimmera on

Monday, we are taking a cautious approach and advising people to prepare as if it is a Code Red day.

“The bureau’s forecast for the Wimmera is at the top end of extreme and it will only take a slight change

in conditions to push into Code Red.

“Communities and visitors in the Wimmera need to be alert. People living in bushfire prone areas need to

activate their fire plan and monitor the district Fire Danger Ratings and daily weather forecasts on the

CFA website and in the media.

“If you live in a high risk area and your plan is to leave, the safest option is to leave the night before or

early in the day on a day when the Fire Danger Rating is Code Red in your district. 

“Fires can spread quickly when winds are strong and you need to know in advance what you are going

to do if faced with a fire. It is too late to decide when you see smoke or flames.


“On a Code Red day you can’t rely on being able to defend your home.” 

If you are travelling or plan to travel in bushfire prone areas you should monitor the situation and prepare

to change your travel plans. Avoid any non-essential travel. People on holidays or away from home

should closely monitor the weather and fire conditions in the areas they are visiting. 

People holidaying need to be aware of the current Fire Danger Rating and weather conditions where

they are because they could be different to what they are at home. Those planning to travel should

review any plans to visit parks or forest areas or to camp in the bush.

It is not safe for people to be in parks and forests if the fire danger is extreme. Visitors already in these

areas are advised the safest option is to leave early in the day.

Conditions are expected to reach extreme across a number of the weather districts on Monday including

the Central district which covers Melbourne and coastal areas. 

Emergency services are also monitoring the North East where the forecast is also extreme but

conditions could worsen on Tuesday.

Mr Rees said emergency services are ready for the potential Code Red days.

CFA Media Contact: 5330 3124  

“We are in the middle of a period of hot, dry weather with fire danger increasing significantly. 

“CFA, MFB and DSE firefighters are on standby and Incident Control Centres are ready across the


Fire danger for Sunday is forecast to be Severe in the North East, Very High in Northern Country, North

Central, and Western; High in the Mallee, Wimmera, Central and West and South Gippsland; and Low to

Moderate in East Gippsland. 

Fire danger rises on Monday with Extreme conditions forecast for the Mallee, Wimmera, and Central

districts, Severe in Western, Northern Country, North Central and North East, Very High in West and

South Gippsland and East Gippsland. 

Fire danger for Tuesday is forecast to be Extreme in the Northern Country and North East, Severe in the

Mallee, North Central and East Gippsland, Very High in the Central and West and South Gippsland and

High in the Wimmera and Western. 

“Extreme and severe are very serious Fire Danger Ratings and communities in these districts need to be

alert,” Mr Rees said.

Victorians should monitor the weather and conditions with updated bushfire information available from

the DSE and CFA websites, the Victorian Bushfire Information Line, your emergency broadcasters ABC

radio, SKY news TV and commercial radio stations.

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