Complexity The Hallmark Of Exercise Hamel

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15th October 2010, 05:02pm - Views: 515

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Friday, 15 October 2010

Complexity the hallmark of Exercise Hamel

Soldiers defused an intricate hostage scenario in North Queensland without firing a

shot as part of the Australian Army’s most complex exercise to date – Exercise Hamel


According to one of the senior exercise umpires, Lieutenant Colonel Wade Stothart,

the scenario and the exercise as a whole aimed to test the men and women of the

Army’s 3rd Brigade in difficult scenarios with a large number of actors.

“It is designed to practice the Australian Army in what we call foundation war

fighting skills,” Lieutenant Colonel Sothart said.

“While we have performed very well - and continue to perform very well - on

operations, there are some capabilities and operations that we need to train for and be

very proficient in, that are not part of those operational tasks that we are undertaking

around the world, and that’s its aim,” Lieutenant Colonel Sothart said.

In the exercise scenario at the Tully military airfield, infantry soldiers from 2nd

Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), showed their high

professionalism in an Air Mobile Operation using Black Hawk helicopters from the

5th Aviation Regiment.

The Australian soldiers were also supported by a contingent of United States Marines

participating in the exercise.

The scenario involved the rescue of Australian hostages from a group of stubborn and

armed militia, role-played by other ADF personnel. After a tense stand-off, the release

of the hostages was successfully and peacefully negotiated, and as if the complexity

of the scenarios were not enough, the exercise has been undertaken during relentless

tropical downpours.

Exercise Hamel 2010 involves 6000 personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force. It

will test the combat capability of the Army’s 3rd Brigade, and is the first exercise for

the newly created Forces Command, which comprises about 87 per cent of the

Australian Army.

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