Slam Phone Scammers: Accc And Acma

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12th October 2010, 09:00am - Views: 888

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Slam phone scammers: ACCC and ACMA 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Australian Communications

and Media Authority are calling on Australians to immediately hang up the phone if

scammers call, staying alert to this growing threat that can deceive people into providing

personal details.

‘Over the past two months complaints about scam telephone calls to the ACCC and the

ACMA have increased significantly from 200 per month to around 2,000 across the two

agencies,’ said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman.

‘Consumers can stop themselves being scammed by never disclosing any personal or

financial details to these callers,’ added ACCC Chairman, Graeme Samuel. ‘Cutting off the

lifeline is the best way to disrupt scammers.’

Of the many scams circulating, the ACCC and the ACMA are warning consumers about

these particular scam telephone calls:

callers advising that the person’s computer is infected with a virus and requesting

credit card details to fix the problem

callers offering products, services or cash under fake government grants

callers seeking bank details in order to process a bank fee refund or tax refund 

callers offering to place the person’s number on the Do Not Call Register for a fee

recorded messages asking consumers to “dial 9” for a ‘free’ holiday.

The ACCC and ACMA note that these scams are also increasing in prevalence in other

countries, notably the United Kingdom, highlighting the international nature of these types of

cold call scams.

Forewarned is forearmed, and there are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of

being ripped off. 

These steps include:

Be cautious – if you get an unsolicited call and the caller requests personal

information, it may be a scam. Hang up and verify who they are by independently

finding their contact details from a trustworthy source such as a phone book and

contacting them directly.

Protect your personal information and financial details – don’t provide your details to

anyone who has contacted you out of the blue who you don’t know and trust. Even if

they claim to be from a reputable company or Government department it may still be

a scam.

If you get a cold call from someone claiming you are entitled to a refund, have won a

holiday or have a virus on your computer, hang up immediately.

Contact your bank immediately if you think you have provided your details to a


The ACCC’s SCAMwatch website has more information on scams and how to protect

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The Do Not Call Register is a free Federal Government service where Australians can

register their numbers to opt out of telemarketing calls and marketing faxes -  either call 1300

792 958 or visit

ACCC media inquiries 

Ms Lin Enright, director, media unit, (02) 6243 1108 or 0414 613 520

General inquiries - Infocentre: 1300 302 502

ACMA media inquiries

Caroline Page on (03) 9663 6753 or 0433 251 633

ACCC NR 223/10

ACMA MR122/2010

12 October 2010

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