National Criminal Database Targets Illicit Drug Manufacturing Laboratories

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16th July 2009, 01:47pm - Views: 382

National Criminal Database Targets Illicit Drug Manufacturing Laboratories

Australia's national criminal intelligence database now holds all state and territory data on seized clandestine laboratories making it easier for law enforcement to access immediate information on the latest clandestine drug manufacture activity.

The National Clandestine Laboratory Database, part of the Australian Crime Commission's (ACC) Australian Criminal Intelligence Database, has been created to provide the most comprehensive picture of the manufacture of illicit drugs in Australia.

ACC Chief Executive Office John Lawler said this significant development is an important step in limiting the supply of Amphetamine Type Stimulants in Australia.

"Clandestine laboratories are illegal operations in which drugs such as ice and MDMA or ecstasy are manufactured in an improvised laboratory environment. This national criminal intelligence holding brings together vital data from the combined work and expertise of Australian law enforcement agencies," said Mr Lawler.

"This system is designed so police and forensic officers can record data about seized clandestine laboratories at the crime sceneincluding information on lab locations, persons engaged in the illicit manufacture, safety, types of laboratory reactions being used, methodology, exhibit details, on-site reports and photographs.

"There is no other system with this type of capability in the world, and Australia is leading the way in recording and analysing clandestine laboratory data. This knowledge will be used to implement strategies to limit the manufacture and supply of illicit drugs.

"The ACC is aware of a growing trend for clan labs to be located in residential areas. The ongoing capture of clan lab information nationally through this database will assist in the development of comprehensive responses to make the community more aware of these types of issues and the role they can play in assisting law enforcement to disrupt this type of activity," Mr Lawler said.

Law enforcement agencies across Australia will be able to use this data to identify changes in trends and methodologies and monitor the involvement of Outlaw Motorcycle Groups and other crime groups in the manufacture of illicit drugs.

"This is also just one of the ways the ACC is working closely with our partners, to tackle organised criminal involvement in the manufacture, importation, distribution and supply of amphetamine type stimulants, " Mr Lawler said.

The National Clandestine Laboratory Database is funded by the Australian Government Attorney- General's Department and was developed and implemented by the ACC. The National Clandestine Laboratory Database is a key component of the role the Australian Crime Commission plays in providing intelligence and intelligence database services to Australia's law enforcement community.

For further information about the ACC, and its Amphetamine Type Stimulants Determination visit:

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More information on clandestine laboratory detections and amphetamine-type stimulants can be found in the 200708 Illicit Drug Data Report at:

SOURCE: Australian Crime Commission

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