False Suitcase Bottom Conceals 1331 Steroid Vials

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4th August 2009, 10:57am - Views: 517
False Suitcase Bottom Conceals 1331 Steroid Vials


4 August 2009

Customs and Border Protection has arrested and charged a man for attempting to smuggle around 1300 vials of steroids into Australia.

A 19-year-old Lebanese man was stopped by Customs and Border Protection officers when he arrived in Sydney on a flight from Dubai yesterday (Sunday 2 August).

An examination of the man's luggage was conducted after an x-ray showed inconsistencies in the base of his suitcase. During the examination, the suitcase was found to have a false bottom which concealed a total of 1331 glass vials.

The contents of the vials were analysed and have been identified as performance and image enhancing drugs (testosterone). Such drugs are prohibited unless accompanied by appropriate import permits.

Customs and Border Protection National Manager Investigations, Richard Janeczko, said there has been an increase in steroid smuggling detections by Customs and Border Protection at the Australian border.

"The agency continues to protect the Australian community from prohibited imports including steroids.

"This detection sends a warning to those seeking to avoid Customs controls that we have the skills and capability to detect and investigate these matters and prosecute those responsible," Mr Janeczko said.

The man will appear in the Downing Centre Local Court on 15 September 2009.

The maximum penalty for importing prohibited goods of this type is five years imprisonment and/or $110,000.

Media enquiries:

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SOURCE: Customs and Border Protection

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