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18th April 2008, 05:41pm - Views: 849

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DoCS & Domestic Violence

18 April 2008

It’s important for their own safety that women do continue to report domestic violence, without the

baseless fear that their children will be taken from them as a result, the NSW Department of

Community Services said today.

Acting Executive Director, Operations Support Helen Freeland, said it was inappropriate to

comment on the individual cases of two women, both before the court, who attended today’s public

forum of the Wood Special Commission. 

“What I can say is that children are never removed simply because a woman reports domestic

violence,” Ms Freeland said.

“In fact, DoCS regularly supports women to leave a domestic violence situation so they can provide

a safe and loving home for their children.

“Children are placed in care only if they cannot live safely with their parent or carer, and it is

dangerous and simplistic to suggest otherwise.

“The NSW child protection system is full of checks and balances to prevent children being removed

from their parents unnecessarily.

“DoCS looks at many aspects of a family situation and if it believes a child’s safety is at risk, makes

a recommendation to the Children’s Court.

“The Children’s Court hears DoCS evidence, but they also hear evidence from the parents. The

Court then weighs up that evidence and makes the final decision on what would be the best for the


“I would urge any woman living with domestic violence to contact the DV Line on 1 800 656 463 –

they can do so anonymously, and still receive help.

“It would be tragic if women were discouraged from reporting domestic violence to police, support

agencies or DoCS, and as a result put both their lives and their children’s lives at risk.”

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