Crimtrac Wins Ict Industry Award

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16th April 2008, 05:57pm - Views: 1320
CrimTrac Wins ICT Industry Award

CrimTrac, the nation's police information broker, has today been recognised for its innovative ICT solutions, after winning the II 's iAward for the National Police Reference System (NPRS).

CrimTrac won the iAward in the category of e-Government and Services for the ACT. This award is presented to the most innovative system to support electronic government initiatives and service delivery to the community.

CrimTrac CEO, Ben McDevitt, has described the win as a positive endorsement for the agency's newest ICT project, the National Police Reference System.

"The NPRS allows police across Australia to exchange information, enabling them to access information about people in various jurisdictions. Police use this information to identify whether individuals are a threat to the public, of interest to police or wanted by police," Mr McDevitt said.

"The NPRS is being rolled out across the country and by early 2009 will have more than 50,000 users."

"It provides information critical to the day to day duties of community policing across the country.

"The system provides police with much richer data on persons of interest than was available previously using other systems.

"This new system effectively brokers information about persons of interest among Australian police jurisdictions.

"Traditionally, police have maintained information within jurisdictional boundaries and although these are relatively mature systems, they are disparate.

"NPRS allows each organisation to determine its own rules for providing and querying data. Jurisdictions collectively determine what data should be shared, the minimum set of data that makes each record sensible, and who can access the data."

CrimTrac's NPRS will now be considered for a national iAward, which will be announced in Melbourne at the end of May.

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