Pre-filling Your Tax Return- What You Need To Know

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1st July 2008, 10:02am - Views: 871

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     Monday, June 30, 2008 



H&R Block’s Regional Director Frank Brass says  “The pre filling option in tax returns should be

used with caution, as the information provided in the pre filling is only as good as the timing of the

information being received by the Tax Office, from the relevant organisations and employers.”

“If taxpayers rely on pre filling information as the source of the income information to complete

their tax return, and the information is not complete, it is the taxpayer who will be audited and will

be required to pay back the tax refund and may be charged interest on this money they have

incorrectly received.

The information is progressively received from the tax office, and you need to double check that all

the information is there, at the time you use the pre-filling function and not just assume it is.

“H&R Block will continue to conduct a full interview with our clients, only using the tax office pre-

filling information if a client indicates that they have received some income for which they have no

details, we will look it up on the Tax Office Web site. If the information is not there we will ask out

client to check with the relevant authority to confirm the income they received for the financial year.

“This is the only way we can be sure that the client’s Tax Return is correct”, says  

Frank Brass

Background Information

Pre-filling is a service provided by the Tax Office to make it easier for you to meet your tax

obligations and claim your entitlements. Pre-filling is when your tax return is partially completed for

you and all you have to do is review it and add any missing details.

Many organisations are required by law to report your income details to us. We also have other

information that can be used to help complete your tax return. 

You will have an opportunity to request the pre-filling service at the beginning of your e-tax

interview. The pre-filling service downloads your data into e-tax and completes or partially

completes the relevant items. 

The ATO state that Pre-fillers  must review all of your pre-filled data. It may be

incomplete because:

an organisation has not supplied your data to the Tax Office 

we could not match the data to your Tax Office record, or 

the data did not pass all processing checks.

It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in

your tax return.

For Further information. 

Contact   Frank Brass (P) 0393881611  (M) 0414183207 (Email)

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