Nsw Backlash: Coalition Charge Into $1.55 To Win Election!

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12th November 2008, 12:26pm - Views: 1166

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Nov 12, 2008

NSW backlash: Coalition charge into

$1.55 to win election!

Punters – seemingly as angry as all citizens in every corner of NSW – are

charging in now to back the Coalition to win the next NSW State election

in the wake of the slash-and-burn Labor mini budget!

Centrebet’s media  chief and political analyst Neil Evans said he had firmed the

Opposition from $1.70 into $1.55, despite the next election being two years away, with

the imploding Labor government easing from $2.10 out to $2.30!

“We already had 90 per cent of nearly $20,000.00 that had been wagered on the

Coalition leading up to and following the embarrassing meltdown of the Morris

Iemma team,” Evans said. “Now punters just want to back the Coalition, almost

regardless of the price. More money has come in overnight, and this may just be the

start of a financial landslide over the next two years!

“Let’s fact it, the economic and decision-making incompetence of this government is

so in-grained that if the State voted tomorrow, the Coalition would be $1.01. But let’s

not personally cut Premier Nathan Rees to pieces, this is seemingly the eruption from a

slow-burning volcano of mismanagement and non-accountability that’s infested NSW

since the Bob Carr days. 

“It’s incredible to think it wasn’t that long ago the NSW Coalition threw away a

chance at the ballot box because the party was considered rudderless, now in a

managerial sense, they can look like decorated peacekeepers!”

Evans said it would be easier to sell ice to Eskimos than a price on Labor to win the

next election. “It’s only time that’s keeping them in the contest, considering we’ve

already witnessed mass anti-Labor feeling at crucial NSW State by-elections, as well

as various other State elections since Kevin Rudd took over at the Federal level 12

months ago!”

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The NSW mini budget backlash has also resonated with Federal betting, the Coalition

firming from $3.25 into $3.00 today, with Labor easing from $1.30 out to $1.35! And, in

perhaps a more immediate and critical sign, punters have backed the Opposition in

Qld from $2.90 down to $2.75 ahead of the Sunshine State’s election in a few months!

NSW ELECTION – WINNER (Sch: 2010/11)



(out from $2.10)



(in from $1.70)




(out from $1.30)



(in from $3.25)




(out from $1.36)



(in from $2.90)

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+61 418 278022 (mobile)


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