Great Sex Debate - Family First V Sex Party

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30th July 2010, 03:13pm - Views: 1325

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From the Office of the Queensland Senate Candidate for Family First, Wendy Francis

Media Release

30 July 2010

Channel 7’s ‘Sunrise’ to host great sex


This Monday 2nd August Queensland Family First senate candidate Wendy Francis will go head to

head in a live television debate with Fiona Patten, national spokesperson of the Australian Sex Party.

The debate was organised by Channel 7’s Sunrise program after Patten accused Family First of

attempting to do a preference deal with them.

Francis said no deal would ever have been done and the allegation was an attempt by the Sex Party

to gain publicity and discredit Family First. In a statement yesterday Francis said “This is a big deal

about nothing and makes a juicy story for the media, but completely untrue. I can assure you I’m

pro-sex, just not pro-Sex Party!”

Francis said she is looking forward to talking about issues that concern everyday Australians but are

being ignored by the major parties. “Australians are concerned that you can’t take your children

outside without being confronted by sexual images and suggestive advertising. They are worried

that the institution of marriage between a man and a woman is being weakened and the effect this

has on society.”

For its part, Sunrise is promoting the debate across the weekend as “the real great debate”. Given

how bland the election campaign has been to date – they may be right.

For interviews - Contact Wendy Francis - 0421 085 860

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