Datasquirt Helps New Zealanders Register To Vote

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14th October 2008, 06:07pm - Views: 803


Datasquirt Helps New Zealanders Register To Vote

WELLINGTON, Oct.14/NZPA-AsiaNet/ --

Datasquirt Helps New Zealanders Register To Vote

The Electoral Enrolment Centre is using CONTACT™ to make it easy for eligible voters to request

an enrolment pack by sending their name and address to Freetext 3676 

Datasquirt [ASX: DSQ], supplier of CONTACT™, its acclaimed multi-channel communication

solution, is pleased to announce that the Electoral Enrolment Centre has once again used

Datasquirt’s solution to facilitate enrolments for the upcoming general election. 

“The younger generation’s preferred method of communication is SMS, and Datasquirt is pleased

to work with the Electoral Enrolment Centre to make it easy for young New Zealanders to register

to vote,” said Aaron Ridgway, CEO of Datasquirt. 

A staggering 51 percent of all enrolment requests received by the Electoral Enrolment Centre prior

to the New Zealand 2005 general election were processed via Datasquirt’s SMS solution. This

election some 42 percent of all enrolment requests have been via SMS. 

“Since early May when the enrolment drive commenced we have received more than 100,000

requests for enrolment packs via Datasquirt’s two-way SMS platform,” said Rex Arrell, the Electoral

Enrolment Centre’s Manager for Policy and Administration. 

The Datasquirt solution has been securely and seamlessly integrated with the centre’s existing

contact system for easy processing and queuing of inbound and outbound text messages. 

“By using CONTACT™ by Datasquirt we have efficiently and cost-effectively managed enrolment

requests for the upcoming election,” added Mr. Arrell. 

Datasquirt’s CONTACT™ is supplied as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and is capable of

processing high volumes of message traffic in short time frames with secure access available from

most Internet browsers. 

About Datasquirt

Datasquirt [ASX: DSQ] supplies CONTACT™, a leading online multi-channel, non-voice,

communication and business optimisation solution. Businesses use CONTACT™ to communicate

with their customers and field staff using each person’s preferred communication channel (be it

SMS, email, fax, or web chat) to achieve better business results. CONTACT™ is provided as a

secure online service that interfaces with most existing CRM and ACD/PABX systems. Datasquirt

is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with sales offices in Sydney, London, New York and

Düsseldorf. Datasquirt™ and CONTACT™ are trademarks of Datasquirt Limited. All other brand or

product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holder(s). For more

information see or call +64-9-358-5878 or +1-888-433-9882, or email:

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Datasquirt Contact:

Aaron Ridgway, CEO 


SOURCE: Datasquirt Ltd

About Elections New Zealand

The Electoral Enrolment Centre maintains electoral rolls and conducts the Maori Electoral Option.

The centre is a self-contained business unit of New Zealand Post Ltd, under contract to the

Minister of Justice. The centre has a team of Registrars of Electors - one for each electorate. The

Registrars are responsible for compiling and maintaining the electoral rolls for their electorate. As

well as maintaining the electoral rolls on a daily basis and conducting enrolment update campaigns

prior to all major electoral events, the Registrars also work in their local communities to encourage

eligible electors to enrol. This is to ensure the maximum number of eligible electors are enrolled to

vote in Parliamentary, local council and district health board elections, by-elections, referenda and

polls. For more information see

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