Nsw Must Follow National Lead And Crack Down On Mr Bigs: Police

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5 February 2010

NSW must follow national lead and crack down on Mr Bigs: Police

NSW must follow the lead of the Federal Government and crack down on the

unexplained millions being hoarded by underworld crime bosses, the Police

Association of NSW said today.

The Federal Government today announced it would introduce Unexplained Wealth

legislation at the national level.

Police Association of NSW President Bob Pritchard said closing the legal loophole

on unexplained wealth would save the State Government over $50 million a year -

money that could be channelled back into community safety.

“If we are to get serious about catching the Mr Bigs of the underworld then the

State Government should step up and follow the Federal Government’s lead,” Mr

Pritchard said. 

“The current lax laws we have in NSW are allowing some of our biggest crime

bosses to slip through the cracks. 

“The introduction of Unexplained Wealth legislation would help combat organised

crime in this state by hitting our criminals where it hurts – their back pockets.”

“The benefits in terms of combating crime in the state would be threefold. Firstly, it

would deter people from taking part in crime in the first place by reducing the

possibility of gaining or keeping the profits; secondly, it would prevent crime by

making it harder for people to finance criminal activity; and thirdly, it would remedy

the unjust enrichment of criminals who profit at society’s expense.”

“If people have genuinely worked hard for their money, it will be easy for them to

prove it. If they haven’t, the introduction of Unexplained Wealth legislation will

mean the authorities will have the power to seize any assets obtained with ill-gotten


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