Forensic Fit-up

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4th December 2009, 02:37pm - Views: 961

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Forensic Fit-Up.

The expected ‘explosive’ Ombudsman’s Report into drug handling procedures at the

Macleod Police Centre will be an expensive fizzer despite claims in the AGE today.

The Report’s findings will be based on a flawed investigation crafted by a disgruntled and

vexatious individual misusing the Ombudsman’s protections to himself avoid scrutiny. 

Either the Ombudsman or Victoria Police have committed a serious offence and a breach

of Parliamentary protocol by backgrounding a celebrity reporter into Police Command

responses to the Ombudsman recommendations.

All drug audits at Macleod paint a completely different picture.

The motivation can only be about control of scientific evidence as our forensic experts are

independent public servants.

Victoria’s expert forensic scientists have fully co-operated with the Ombudsman’s star

chamber approach despite being denied legal representation, the rules of evidence, or

natural justice.

All drug branch scientists continue on the job, undertaking their vital work, providing

evidence in criminal trials, and responding out of hours to clandestine laboratories


Not the crucial work the community would expect to continue for the last 18 months if

there existed a shred of credible evidence as reported and unsourced in today’s AGE.

CPSU has called on the Premier for an investigation into the unscrupulous leak.

The politicking and public vilification of our forensic experts must stop.

Media Enquiries:

Julian Kennelly on 0417 541 789.

Friday, 4 December 2009

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