Coroner Highlights Need For Extra Homicide Resources

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Monday 23 November, 2009

Coroner Highlights Need for Extra Homicide Resources

The coronial report into the death of Lee Ellen Stace in 1997 has highlighted the

need for extra resources to be put into homicide investigations and rural policing,

according to the Police Association of NSW.

Police Association President Bob Pritchard today said limited police resources

presented extra challenges for police when pursuing long-running cases.

“Unsolved homicide investigations take a huge personal toll on the family and

friends of the victim.

“They also affect the police officers who investigate the crime, and who want to

bring offenders to justice.

“There are many examples of long-running cases that have been solved by the

tenacity and determination of investigating officers.

“But without the resources to dedicate to these investigations, cases that could be

solved may get left ’on the shelf’ while officers deal with the day-to-day pressures

of police work.

“These pressures are even more apparent in rural areas, where local officers have

to perform a wide range of duties.   This can lead to delays in investigations and

coronial inquests.

“Justice delayed is justice denied – therefore is vital that police be given the

support and assistance they need to keep difficult investigations on track.”

In his finding last week Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich recommended:

that consideration be given to setting up a special task force or unit (possibly attached to

the Homicide Unit) with sufficient resources to investigate long term unsolved

homicides and suspected homicides of missing persons


that consideration be given that the investigation of homicides in rural areas be

managed, funded and resourced by a lead agency that will be responsible for the

preparation of a brief of evidence to the Coroner.

“The State Government needs to look at the Coroner’s recommendations

seriously, and ensure rural police officers are provided with the resources and

support they need.”

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