The Complete Guide To Temporary Work Skilled Visa Subclass 457 Programme For Employers

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6th October 2016, 12:26pm - Views: 2783
If you have grown up in Australia you might take it for granted what an amazing country Australia is to live and work in. As one of the world's premier tourist destinations, there is no shortage of spectacular sights and experiences to fill up the weekend, but it is the robust economy that keeps international workers flocking to the 'land down-under'.

With an economy based on an extensive reserve of primary resources, wages in Australia are some of the highest in the world. In some sectors, the average salary is triple what is offered in the United States. Of course, this is balanced out with the skyscraping cost-of-living. Nonetheless, international workers have the potential of making some serious cash while working in Australia; and the job opportunities are limitless. It has been widely publicised that Australia has a skilled worker shortage. Initially, it may be hard for workers to land their ideal position, but there are plenty of well-paying opportunities for workers that are willing to work hard. It is no secret that international workers fill a lot of the fruit picking positions in regional Australia.

What Visa Options Are Available For Workers To Come To Australia?

There is an abundance of visa subclasses for workers that desire to work in Australia. If you are searching for what type of visa subclass is best for you, the sage option is to obtain the services of a registered migration agent. Australian visa and migration law changes rapidly! If you are researching online, the article that you are reading is probably out of date already. A great resource is the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. This comprehensive resource houses all of the current requirements and visa regulations; though it can be struggle to find the exact information that relates to your circumstances.

Before you obtain the services of a Migration Agent, ensure that they are a registered migration agent. Only Registered Migration Agents are legally able to provide immigration assistance in Australia. You can search the Register of Migration Agents to ensure that your intended migration agent is currently registered by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

A 457 Visa Agent is able to explain which visa options are available to you, recommend a suitable option and prepare relevant documentation for your application. Additionally, a registered migration agent can contact the Department of Immigration to discuss your application.

What Is The Subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa Programme?

The subclass 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa programme allows eligible businesses, companies and organisations to fill temporary shortages in the labour market with international workers. Previously this programme was known as the Temporary Business (Long Stay) visa. 2016 marks the 20th year of the 457 visa, which was initially introduced during the Howard Coalition government back in 1996.

According to the Department of Immigration, the subclass 457 visa is the most commonly used visa programme to sponsor overseas workers with 94,890 individuals currently under this visa in Australia. The volume of granted applications is decreasing with a drop of 9.4% in 2015/16 compared with the previous year.

55.2% of skilled workers that are granted 457 visas are professionals, with technicians and trades workers making up a further 22.9% of successful applicants.

It is noteworthy that the 457 visa programme has been designed to encourage employers to sponsor more foreign workers in times of high economic growth and low unemployment. By providing international workers with the option of being employed for up to four years in Australia, the programme provides employers with due time to train and benefit from international workers.

According to a survey by the Scanlon Foundation, 75% of 457 visa holders claim to be 'prosperous' and 'living comfortably' in Australia. As of October 2016, the five most in demand job positions for 457 visa applicants are developer programmer, cook, cafe/restaurant manager, marketing specialist and ICT (Information & Communication Technology) business analyst.

Where Do Succesful 457 Visa Applicants Live?

The prime majority (43.4%) of individuals under the 457 programme reside in New South Wales, with a further 25.4% taking up positions in Victoria.

What Countries Do Successful 457 Visa Applicants Come From?

India is the country with the highest number of successful applicants with 24.8% of the 457 programme. The United Kingdom and the People's Republic of China also contributing large percentages with 17.2% and 6.3% respectively. The Philippines and the United States round out the top 5 countries. Every year the Australian government receives over 50,000 457 visa applications from these five countries.

What Are The 457 Visa Employer Requirements?

Businesses must recognise the difference between sponsorship and nomination as different procedures and requirements affiliated with each pathway. Registered migration agents can assist businesses, companies and organisations identify which pathway will best suit the needs of their businesses and potential employees.

In recognition of this, the following are the requirements for a business that intends to sponsor a worker:
- Must be an Australian business
- Must meet the training benchmarks of the 457 programme
- Must not on-hire skilled workers
- Must comply with all sponsor obligations
- Must display an ongoing record of employing local labour and non-discriminatory employment practices

What are the requirements for an individual applying for a 457 visa subclass?

In order to apply for a 457 visa, an individual must:
- Be nominated to work in an approved occupation
- Meet the relevant skill requirements for their chosen occupation
- Demonstrate proficient English for their vocation
- Be nominated by an approved business
- Meet all relevant registration and licensing obligations

What Are The Three Application Stages Of The 457 Visa Programme?

1) Sponsorship - The employer must apply for approval as a business sponsor. In order for a business to nominate an occupation for a subclass 457 visa, the business must be recognised and approved as a standard business sponsor by the Department of Immigration.
2) Nomination - Upon recognition as a standard business sponsor, the business may nominate an occupation.
3) Visa Application - The individual that is nominated to work in the nominated occupation can then apply for the subclass 457 visa.

Who Is PK Harrison Australia Visa Services?

PK Harrison Australian Visa Services is a registered migration agent based in Sydney that specialises in assisting business, companies and organisations with sponsorship and nomination for the 457 visa subclass programme. As experts in Australian immigration and visa law, the experienced team at PK Harrison Australian Visa Services can ensure that your business is in the best position to employ individuals that will add value to your business.

PK Harrison Australian Visa Services has assisted a wide range of businesses in the Greater Sydney region with their professional, reliable and cost-effective services. If your business is struggling to identify the correct pathways and legal requirements to employ international workers, the team at PK Harrison Australian Visa Services will provide hassle-free service that will more than meet your expectations. PK Harrison Australian Visa Services provides professional employer work visa services, as well as employer nominated permanent residence assistance.

The PK Harrison Australian Visa Services team is based in Marrickville in Sydney but also provides online support and assistance with Skype consultations. There is no need to become overwhelmed with the paperwork and complex requirements involved in 457 visa applications, PK Harrison Australian Visa Services has over 20 years experience assisting employers and employees identifying the ideal visa pathway and submitting their applications in an ideal manner. For a consultation with one Sydney's leading specialists 457 agents, visit the official Migration Agent Sydney website.

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