Celebrating 90 Years Service To The Veteran Community

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8th April 2008, 04:40pm - Views: 690

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Tuesday 8 April 2008 


The Australian Repatriation Commission today marks its 90th anniversary of providing

care and support to Australia’s veterans and their families.  

Commission President and Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA),

Mark Sullivan, said the anniversary was a milestone in the world’s first comprehensive,

government-run repatriation scheme.

“The Repatriation Commission officially commenced operations on 8 April 1918, born

from Australia’s need to support more than 250,000 servicemen and women returning

home from the front lines of the First World War,” Mr Sullivan said.

“Australian repatriation brought together health care, compensation for injury, support

for widows and dedicated assistance to help returned servicemen and women make

the transition to civilian life.”

The Repatriation Commission is responsible for deciding claims from veterans and their

dependants for compensation, income support and health care related to Australian

service in wars, conflicts and peace operations.  The Commission is supported by DVA,

which helps administer a range of programs including rehabilitation, health and medical

services, pensions and commemorative activities.

More than 420,000 Australian veterans, Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and

their families currently receive support through the repatriation system and the new

Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme.

“The Australian repatriation system has evolved to meet the needs of new generations

of veterans, from the last Australian to serve during the First World War to the newest

ADF recruit,” Mr Sullivan said.

“The Repatriation Commission and the Department remain committed to fulfilling the

Government’s trust in caring for those who serve or have served in defence of our


“On this 90th anniversary, I would like to thank my Commission colleagues: Brigadier

Bill Rolfe AO (Ret’d); and Mr Ed Killesteyn PSM, and especially the staff of DVA for

their continued dedication to serving the Australian veteran community.”

Media Contact:  Kym Connolly

(02) 6289 6203

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