Budget 2010 A Mixed Bag For Aged Care

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11th May 2010, 11:18pm - Views: 1006



`The initiatives to support the future aged care workforce to obtain higher
qualifications and provide enhanced career paths is a very positive outcome
which, if successful, will support the industry in attracting and retaining staff
in the future,' said ACAA CEO, Rod Young.

`However, the failure to address many of the industry's other short and long
term issues is disappointing,' said Mr Young.

`The confirmation that the Commonwealth will proceed to full responsibility
for the Home and Community Care program over the next two years is
welcomed,' said Rod Young.

`The support for the training and engagement of nurse practitioners in aged
care is a positive initiative as it will provide a new career pathway for senior
nurses wanting to maintain a clinical career within the industry,' said Mr

`Aged care providers still do not know what their operating income will be for
2010/2011 financial year as the Government is yet to announce the
approved funding index for the industry.

With average costs rising more than the CPI, the industry is hopeful that
Government recognizes the real cost increases providers are facing and the
impact upon our ability to attract and retrain appropriately skilled staff to
provide the quality services Government and the community expect
providers to deliver and which becomes impossible if funding falls below the
average annual increase needed to provide quality care,' said Rod Young.

For further contact:
Rod Young
Mobile 0419 624178

11 May 2010

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