3rar Honours Its Vietnam Fallen

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25th May 2008, 10:32am - Views: 762

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The Hon Alan Griffin MP

Minister for Veterans’ Affairs


Sunday, 25 May 2008


The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Alan Griffin, will today join veterans of the 3rd Battalion,

The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), to pay tribute to its members who fought and lost

their lives 40 years ago during the Vietnam War.

The veterans and their families will attend the commemorative ceremony at the Australian

Vietnam Forces National Memorial in Canberra, marking the anniversary of the battalion’s

tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968.

“3RAR took part in numerous operations during its tour of duty and saw combat during the

famous Tet Offensive in February 1968,” Mr Griffin said.

“The 3rd Battalion served with distinction during the Battle of Fire Support Bases Coral and

Balmoral, the most protracted and costly engagement of Australia’s involvement in the

Vietnam War.  

“This week marks the 40th anniversary of the assaults on Balmoral, where 3RAR and

Australian armoured and artillery units held off fierce attacks by North Vietnamese forces.  

“Today, we will honour the six soldiers of the 3rd Battalion killed in action during the attacks

on Coral and Balmoral, who are remembered alongside another 18 3RAR members who

lost their lives during the battalion’s 1968 tour of duty.”

The 3RAR ceremony will be held at 11am at the Vietnam Memorial on Anzac Parade.  

The ceremony is part of national commemorative activities during May for the 40th

anniversary of Coral and Balmoral.

The Australian Government provided $100,000 to the National Coral and Balmoral 40th

Anniversary Committee to support these events.

Media inquiries: Laura Ryan 0437 863 109

For more information about the Battle of Coral/Balmoral, visit

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