Victorian Firecrises

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28th October 2009, 06:04pm - Views: 1143

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MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday 28 October 2009



Victoria faces a Fire Crisis this summer, following over six months of inaction by the

Brumby Government to provide adequate firefighting resources.

Despite the Premier acknowledging that Victoria is facing the worst fire season ever, there

has been a complete lack of action to implement the decision of the independent Board of

Reference of April 2009, that identified an urgent need for more CFA professional

firefighters throughout Victoria.  

The independent Board of Reference, comprising CFA Deputy Chief Officer Steve

Warrington, Independent Chair Bob Merriman and MFB Commander Ken Brown and using

CFA’s own data determine that the evidence was beyond doubt

that increased

professional firefighters were required at 24 locations throughout Victoria.    

Due to the present and foreseeable risk identified by the independent Board of Reference,

the CFA Board approved a submission to the State Government seeking an additional 684

professional firefighters. To date there has been no word whether CFA’s submission will be

approved by Government and if so, in what timeframe. 

United Firefighters Union secretary Peter Marshall says action is required now to avert the

bushfire risk this summer.

“Mapping the 52 hotspots announced by the Premier on August 18 2009, against the 24

fire stations requiring additional professional firefighters indicates a strong relationship

between the areas identified at high risk of bushfire (the hotspots) and those areas where

CFA fire stations are not meeting service delivery standards,” Mr Marshall said.

“Of the 52 hotspots, 34 would benefit from increased firefighters as determined by the

Board of Reference.

“Two out of three hotpots identified would have their risk of bushfire mitigated as these

additional locations and professional firefighters would form the initial rapid response or

support crews for future wildfire emergencies in those areas.” 

For more information

Peter Marshall, National Secretary, United Firefighters Union

0419 127 004

Greg Pargeter, Senior Industrial Officer, United Firefighters Union

0425 790 676

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