State Emergency Service - Understaffed And Overstretched

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20th October 2010, 11:31am - Views: 1232

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SES Overstretched and Understaffed.

Union calls for immediate injection of resources.

Members have identified that another 70 career jobs are required for the SES to meet its operational and training


There have been almost no staff increases across regional Victoria in the past 20 years while the workload

has doubled and the bureaucracy around compliance within regulatory frameworks i.e. in both training and

OHS has become substantially more onerous. 

CPSU members state that the current workload of all staff particularly in the Regions is untenable and

Members are being put off work by doctors due to exhaustion.

Recently the Bushfire Royal Commission identified lack of staff and training as an issue again in its

recommendations on command and control.

The organisation relies on the goodwill of staff / volunteers to step up when the community is in need. 

However this comes at a significant cost to the safety of staff, volunteers and ultimately the community. 

During operational periods members have been working 16+ hour days which ultimately impacts on decision

making processes

Volunteers and would be volunteers aren’t being trained to the required certificate level as the number of

emergencies has made all staff operational and training is not available as no down time exists for training of

groups exists.  Training is cancelled over and over again.

Victorian communities need to be assured that when someone makes a call about their house being flooded

or any other emergency that a truck will come.

At the moment that’s doubtful.

For comment contact:  Emily Castle  0400 525 840

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