Mandatory Sentencing Works In Wa Why Not Victoria ?

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3rd November 2010, 08:00am - Views: 2363

Law and Order

A Statement From The Mitchell Family

Mandatory Sentencing Working in Western Australia Why Not Victoria ?

Police Report Assaults at 92 a day In Victoria!   

Melbourne November 3rd “The family of murdered Good Samaritan, Luke Mitchell, today said the soft

approach to fatal gang bashings and the lack of mandatory  minimum sentencing provision for crimes where a

swarm of  thugs  attack one person or police and other emergency services was failing the Victorian


Speaking of behalf of the Mitchell Family Shane Mitchell said,” whilst Victoria has ignored mandatory

sentencing the Western Australian Government which introduced it for attacks on police has reported

a  28% drop ( 287 offences ) in attacks on WA police within 12 months.  

At the same time In Victoria according to published police figures in the past ten years assaults and bashings

have gone up from around 20,000 in 1999 to 2000 to 33,668 in 2008 -2009 which is 92 assaults and

bashings every day in Victoria.    

In the face of such evidence all political parties wanting votes should outline why minimum mandatory

sentencing is not being pursued in Victoria for serious crimes such as “swarm bashings” which result

in death or victims being left with brain damage from kicking to the head.   

On November 27th people should place themselves in the shoes of families who  have had members of

their families killed  bashed or stabbed leaving them with life sentences of grief or injuries which has

ruined their lives and ask themselves which party is putting up the most credible law and order policy.     

Mr Mitchell said,” all, parties should spell out their commitments to introducing mandatory sentencing for all

members of gangs involved in swarm attacks and provide the victims and their families with a clear and

transparent approach to what their policies actually mean.   

At this stage it is no good saying they will look into it, the community is looking for action not spin with no

substance but firm commitments on law and order with appropriate sentencing.   

There should be a dedicated court to deal with gang bashings and prosecutions to be expedited with thugs

should be before the courts within weeks and sentenced for crimes of violence not put out on bail to continue

their lives as normal as the soft justice system takes years to bring them to trial .

Mr Mitchell said ”on election day the family urged the community to wear a red ribbon , or a piece of

red clothing  to symbolise as well as voting in the election they would be voting against violence in the


Mandatory goal sentences should be implemented for attacks on police, ambulance and fire emergency


Example of WA Sentencing  Male offender on Roe Highway punched a police officer to the mouth causing

a large split in the lower lip, which required five stitches, as well as swelling and soreness to the area of

his jaw. Imprisonment six months, one day

Media  Enquiries Shane Mitchell  0404 896 550   (from 6.00am) 

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